Program Details Download

A detailed description of the program along with specific curriculum objectives addressed.

2019 Mission Outline Download

Mission goals statement, activity schedule, and flight plan for the 2019 mission to asteroid 16 Psyche.

Spacesim Powerpoint Presentation Download

As shown at the April 12 OSSTF D25 science subject council PD day.
Spacesim YouTube video shown as part of the PD presentation.

Orbit Software Suite Download

This is the latest version of Orbit, the space simulation software that the OCESS uses (including training documents) Place the OrbitV folder in "C:\Users\Public\" for application shortcuts to work..

Letter to Parents Download

A letter for current and future parents of Spacesim members. Printed copies are available at the Spacesim office at Lisgar.

Map of 440 Download

This is a map of the building where our worksessions take place. The Spacesim room is marked on it.

Street Map to 440 Download

Directions on how to get to 440 from Lisgar.

More Info Download

More detailed info about what Spacesim is and what we do.